Pipemaking: The Workshop

My workshop has grown from a small drill press and a small assortment of hand tools that I kept in a curtained corner of my old apartment to a converted single car garage with drying racks, metal lathes and assorted power tools. Itís not the perfect workshop, I canít have the lathe and the heater on at the same time or I blow the breaker and the lack of natural light is a real pain when Iím trying to stain a pipe. On the other hand itís warm, the commute is excellent, and itís a nice place to work. Iíve grown quite fond of it after so many hours spent there.

This is the finishing table, the place in the workshop where I spend most of my time. Hand sanding, staining, sketching, and Dremel work all happen here. You can see the air cleaner on the wall, under that are the chisels, gouges, needle files, rifflers, callipers, and assorted tools on the magnetic strip.

This is my sanding and buffing station. On the left you can see the belt sander I make my stems with and on the right is my self-made Ĺ HP buffing and sanding set up. The right hand side has a Jacobs Chuck attached so I can attach sanding disks, my heavy duty flex shaft, and different buffing wheels.


Here is my bandsaw and briar in the drying racks. Itís good to have a lot of different briar to choose from and Iím slowly increasing my inventory. Hanging on the bandsaw rails you can see the heat gun I use to warm up stems in order to bend them.

This is my Drill Press and Micro lathe. While I no longer use the drill press for drilling my pipes it does come in handy for a variety of different tasks. The Micro Lathe is a great tool for drilling and shaping stems.


Here is my stock of exotic woods, stains, glues, metal polishes, open tobacco, literature, manuals, lighting equipment and general stuff.

This is a wider shot of the finishing table, the Disk Sander / buffer, Micro Lathe, and Drill Press.

And lastly here is a wider shot of my larger metalworking lathe along with my hardwoods etc.